Drunken soccer fans stumbling around prior to today’s game between Dortmund BVB and Bayern Munchen. Dortmund was victorious, but I was too appalled by the alcoholic bellowing and carousing around to care.

Actual sign on Berlin street — not a joke.

HE reader and moviepilot.com contributor Konstantin “Tino” Jochimsen, whom I met early this evening at Yuma Bar, Reuterstrasse 63 in Berlin-Neukolln (near U-Bahn Hermannplatz). He’s an avid movie scholar, knows his stuff cold, has read the Inside Llewyn Davis script, and cares enough about keeping abreast to plan an 18 hour round-trip to Paris over a forthcoming June weekend to see Prometheus and three other films that will be opening there (but not in Germany until August). Plus he’s a fan of Shawn Levy’s Paul Newman: A Life.

John F. Kennedyplatz at Rath-Schoenberg — site of JFK’s “Ich bin ein Berliner” speech in June 1963. It’s been called Kennedyplatz since 11.22.63 or thereabouts.

Angela Merkel’s days of power are numbered, the headline more or less says.