I finally heard from someone about the Picturehouse/ Warner Independent situation. A story posted Thursday evening by Variety‘s Anne Thompson said that Picturehouse topper Bob Berney and Warner Independent chief Polly Cohen are “likely” to accept a bicoastal power-sharing arrangement that will preside over a merged operation. Then I heard this morning Berney “is leaving Picturehouse.”
Now I’ve been told by someone very close to things that the latter scenario is not true. Berney has “been open to Warner Bros. proposals, but they actually haven’t made any real decisions yet on how much they want to be in this ‘indie’ part of the business.” They haven’t made any real decisions? In my experience that means they’ve made a decision but lack the character to express it…no? “So this thing may drag on for some time,” the insider comments. Okay, good enough…and thanks.
From: Hollywood Elsewhere [mailto:gruver1@gmail.com]