Posted at 8:45 pm, but I could have written this after the debate…what happened tonight was a disasterBiden is finished…he has to quit and let somebody else run in his place, and I don’t mean Kamala Harris. If he doesn’t quit, Trump will win:

Barring an electoral miracle, Joe Biden has almost certainly doomed us to four years of howling totalitarian saliva-spray madness…a descent into punitive, assaultive, grunt-level and relentlessly malicious chaos.

Grim up and get ready for a 48-month chapter that will almost certainly maim if not poison the fabric of our already weakened democracy.

Joe has done this to us…it’s absolutely his fault…and I feel nothing but sputtering rage about what’s likely to happen tonight…again, barring a miracle…and more crucially on Election Day a bit less than five months hence.

If the worst happens, subjecting this nation to four more years of Donald Trump will be Joe Biden’s terrible legacy. If he loses the general election, God forbid and God help us, may he suffer grievously for not wisely and prudently stepping aside and allowing a younger normie substitute (Whitmer, Newsom) to run in his place.

No matter what happens tonight and over the next few months, Biden has already risked way too much…he’s responsible for a foolish, arrogant and catastrophic error of judgment. Of this I am certain. I’m almost convulsing with anger right now.

I’ll be live-blogging reactions starting at 9 pm. The challenge will be to react as fairly and even-toned as possible.

The whole world is watching this…a certifiable sociopath and ego monster vs. a decent, withered career politician who’s done a reasonably good job over the last three and a half years, and the former seems poised to win. It’s a nightmare.