10:26 pm: A lying sociopath is winning — has won — the debate. There’s no question which man is the better person, the more decent and honorable. And it’s obviously not Trump. And yet this doesn’t seem to matter. Biden is a sensible man, a better man, and he’s not able to sell it. This is a calamity.

10:11 pm: Trump claims Biden, a reasonable and decent man, is “the worst President in American history..,if he’s re-elected we won’t have a chance.” Biden responds with the more-or-less unanimous conclusion of respected historians that Trump is the worst president ever. Biden is a much more truthful fellow, and this doesn’t seem to matter. Trump is repeatedly lying through his teeth, and this doesn’t seem to matter either.

10:08 pm: So nobody is going to ask about the Biden administration’s embrace of radical woke-ism. This seminal issue isn’t going to be even touched.

10:04 pm:

9:56: Dana Bash tries to drill Biden with a question about disaffected and disillusioned black voters? Again, Biden’s words are more substantive than those from the lying, distorting Trump. But Biden isn’t poking or jabbing, much less slugging. Half the time he looks stunned.

9:53 pm: Biden needs to withdraw from the race and thereby allow someone stronger — a sensible classic Democrat who has a semblance of vigor and mental clarity — to replace him. This is horrific.

9:40 pm: Trump totally dodges a tough question about the Capitol riot. Word salad derangement. And Biden can’t capitalize on this. He mutters, he soft-speaks, he mumph-mumphs. Biden righteously calls Trump a convicted felon, and yet he sounds mushy, hazy-brained. Trump is a diseased scoundrel but he’s presenting a better “performance.” Trump says “I did nothing wrong.” Substance-wise Biden is holding all the aces, but he’s losing the debate.

9:36 pm: Friendo: “Do you think they’ll try to replace Biden after this performance?”

9:35 pm: Where’s the adderall? Why didn’t they shoot Joe up?

9:26 pm: Biden is confirming everyone’s worst fears about his lucidity, his age, his mushy muttering. He’s calling Trump a liar and a loser, and with ample justification. But he doesn’t have any bite. His voice is slushy, wheezy. Ttump is a sociopath and a fiendish bullshitter, but he sounds crisper, sharper, more precise. Biden: “I’ve never heard so much malarkey in my life.” And he’s right! But he sounds so withered and under-energized.

9:24 pm: Friendo: “Jesus, Biden looks worse than I expected. What’s with his voice?”

9:22 pm: Trump says about Biden, “I don’t know what he’s just said. I don’t think he knows what he’s just said.”

9:20 pm: “We are not for late-term abortions…period, period.”

9:15 pm: Biden looks astounded, a bit stunned. His energy is lacking. Half-sentences, half-stammering. Friendo: “Are you watching this mess?”

9:11 pm: Biden’s voice sounds soft, muffled, old-guy ish. An unmistakable absence of vigor. As much as I despise Trump, he sounds better…sharper, more decisive, more engaged. I wish it were otherwise.