This morning a Politico story about a Saturday press briefing by Dr. Sean Conley, physician to President Trump, and other Walter Reed doctors, was posted around 9 am. It reported the expected blah-blah about how Orange Plague is “doing very well” and “fever-free and not currently on supplemental oxygen,” etc.

But the story also contains a huge boinnngg! statement: “It had been 48 hours since Trump started a key element of his treatment and 72 hours since he was diagnosed with coronavirus.” This is an admission that Trump and his flunkies lied from the get-go.

Trump announced that he and Melania had tested positive for Covid-19 very late Thursday night (technically Friday morning), but this morning’s statement said that his treatment began on Thursday morning (10.1) — over 12 hours before Trump’s tweeted announcement.

Worse, this morning’s Conley statement said that Trump’s coronavirus infection was discovered 72 hours prior or sometime on the morning of Wednesday, 9.30, meaning that the news was kept secret for the better part of two days.

It also confirms that the mask-free Trump attended political rallies and get-togethers on Wednesday and Thursday, knowing full well that he was infected and could very well spread the virus to others.

Politico excerpt: “Members of Trump’s medical team said it had been 48 hours since Trump started a key element of his treatment and 72 hours since he was diagnosed with coronavirus. But Trump only revealed his positive status early Friday morning — about 36 hours before Saturday’s briefing. If accurate, the timeline suggests Trump knew about his status on Wednesday — the day of a campaign trip where he was surrounded by a largely unmasked crowd in Minnesota — and long before he traveled to a fundraiser in New Jersey on Thursday after a senior aide had been diagnosed.

“After [the] briefing, a White House press pool reporter conveyed a statement from ‘a source familiar with the president’s health’ that appeared to explain why the president had been hospitalized if he had not been on supplemental oxygen.

“The president’s vitals over the last 24 hours were very concerning and the next 48 hours will be critical in terms of his care,” the statement said. “We’re still not on a clear path to a full recovery.”