Ladies and Gentlemen, here’s my little corner of Hollywood Elsewhere’s space.

It’s my own project, named PRAVDA (Truth).

Possible topics: (a) My opinion about films; (b) The difference between Russians and Americans in terms of general views about life; (c) Education; (d) Healthcare; (e) Reactions to marijuana legally for sale in California.

Please send me your ideas on what might be interesting for you, and I will get into that as best I can. You can contact me here in comments or through my email:

I have so much to share with you. The only obstacle is a language barrier. Unfortunately, my English speech currently is not as elaborate and expressive as the Russian. But everything is temporary. :-))

When I feel strong enough, I will move to my own website. But right now I need your support and help.

Thanks to Jeff’s friend who suggested this idea and inspiration.

My first topic is about perception of the Russian language. As a linguist with a bachelor’s degree, I’m curious how English-speaking people regard the Russian language from a phonetic point of view. What does Russian sound like? Is it harsh? Musical? Pleasant or unpleasant?

Over the last couple of days I shot and edited a short video about Grace Kelly, my favorite Hollywood actress. Shot on my iPhone, edited with iMovie. Duration: 3 min. 48 sec. Russian language.