Indiewire’s Eugene Hernandez moderated a panel discussion late this afternoon at the American Pavillion called “It’s a Mad New Media World.” The topic, as you might imagine, was the whole internet journalism-slash-dying old journalism magilla. It went on for a little over an hour, and I’ve got the whole thing recorded right here. There’s no identifying the voices but the two video clips coalesce in certain sections.

The panelists were James Rocchi (MSN Movies and — glasses, pork-pie hat), The Wrap editor Sharon Waxman (short blond hair), L.A. Times industry reporter John Horn (follically challenged, strong jawline), Variety columnist Anne Thompson (glasses, short brown hair), and Spoutblog’s Karina Longworth (glasses, medium-length black hair).

I’d take a stab at summing up the highlights but it’s 10:50 pm and I’m about to get kicked out of the Orange wifi cafe so that’s all she wrote until I get home later tonight. The first clip contains sum-up remarks everyone was asked to give at the very end about how things will shape up over the next two or three years. The second clip contains some sharp debate here and there.