A screenwriter friend has flipped for Adam McKay‘s The Big Short (Paramount, 12.11), which screened tonight at the DGA for friends of the filmmakers, various industry types and select press. Based on Michael Lewis‘s 2010 book “The Big Short: Inside The Doomsday Machine,” it’s about guys who figured out what the big predators were doing — the wolves who created the conditions that led to the housing and credit bubble meltdown of ’08 — and profited by it. “It’s a 9 or a 9.5…a very strong film, full of energy, breaks the fourth wall…totally adrenalized and extraordinarily entertaining” the screenwriter says. “It’s going to upset the apple cart. It’s definitely Best Picture material, and Steve Carell, for sure, is the stand-out…the Oscar nominee. They’re all supporting but Carell’s is the most satisfying performance — he’s jaw-droppingly good. Ryan Gosling is Gordon Gekko, Christian Bale is a kind of financial idiot savant, and Brad Pitt has a fairly small role. I was a big fan. It’s not a comedy but it has a sense of humor…it’s as comedic as House of Cards, put it that way.” The after-party was held (where else?) at the Chateau Marmont.