Is it fair to ask if Harrison Ford is over in the wake of Morning Glory‘s box-office shortfall? Fair or not, they’re doing it. The LA TimesStephen Zeitchik hammered the poor guy this morning for his “marginality” and “obscurity.” Which more or less echoed what Atlantic Wire‘s Eric Hayden wrote last Friday.

Ford is too mopey, too weathered, too glum and over the hill, they’re basically saying.

I for one felt that Ford’s snarly, misanthropic, pissed-off news anchor in Morning Glory was not only his best role but his best performance in years, but what do I know? A movie buff I know saw Morning Glory last night and feels that Ford is “perfect.” But Joe and Jane Popcorn didn’t share this enthusiasm, apparently, to go by last weekend’s $9.6 million haul.

Ford’s role in Jon Favreau‘s Cowboys & Aliens is a real quickie so that’s not much to hang onto. Judging by the comic, I deduced last April that “the only guy whom Ford could possibly play is a 60ish U.S. Cavalry Colonel who refers to Native Americans as ‘filthy savages’ and is soon after wasted by the aliens. A cameo, in short — two or three minutes and hasta la vista.”