Will Donald Trump admit that obvious, indisputable plagiarism happened tonight in a portion of Melania Trump‘s speech to the Republican convention, which was lifted almost word for word from Michelle Obama‘s speech to the 2008 Democratic convention? And then fire the guy who composed Melania’s speech? Or will he brush it off or make as little as possible out of it or try to bluster his way out of it? The plagiarism was first pointed out by journalist Jarrett Hill. “Your word is your bond, your willingness to work hard,” etc. 9:55 pm: The fact that Trump hasn’t tweeted about this yet — that the Trump campaign has said nothing at all — speaks volumes. 11:25 pm: Trump speechwriter Jason Miller has ignored the plagiarism charges in a statement about Melanie’s speech.

Lifted from Daily Kos piece about this:

Released by Trump campaign around 11:15 pm Pacific: