I suspect that HitFix’s Drew McWeeny knows something when he says that Jason Eisener‘s Hobo With A Shotgun is “genuinely deranged” and “far bloodier and nastier” than a Troma film. I just want to add to what Steven Gaydos wrote about how Hobo might be (and certainly should be) a great social-vengeance metaphor about an angry disenfranchised guy blasting expensively-cut hair all over them walls. It should be, in short, double-billed with Inside Job.

Hobo With A Shotgun, unseen, has caught on. Do I believe that Eisener had the slightest inkling of making a shotgun-splatter film that could function as a payback metaphor for the grand theft that caused the financial collapse of ’08? Of course not. I’m sure, being a friend of Eli Roth‘s, that he’s made a common abbatoir film. But maybe on some level Hobo can be interpreted that way anyway, despite the presumably slovenly motives that were in Eisener’s head. Now excuse me while I dream about Wall Street yuppies being gutted like hogs.

Update: A film critic friend just wrote to say he’s “not sure that today is a good day to be encouraging fantasies of violent revenge. Remember: The saloon door swings both ways.” To which I replied, “I was basically continuing the thought of Steven Gaydos about an apparent fact, which is that a Wall Street revenge fantasy may have already been created and put into a forthcoming grindhouse exploitation film. What’s better — a straight slaughterhouse film for the mongrel audience, or a slaughterhouse film that seeks to express social anger a la Inside Job?”