Three or four days ago an especially malicious form of adware got into my Macbook Air. Before I knew it pages for Mackeeper kept popping up out of nowhere and strange ads were occupying the spaces of regular ads on the HE home page. [See below] It seemed wiser not to download just any adware-blocking or adware-expunging software unless it was recommended by a trusted source, so I decided to start with Apple tech support. Two of the tech guys I spoke with (out of a total of five) were “helpful” and conscientious as far as it went, but the adware still remained. I asked each one if they could recommend any particular adware-destroying software, but they said they didn’t know of any or couldn’t say, etc. Thanks, fellas! Yesterday afternoon I went down to the Mac store at the Grove and asked a Genius Bar guy, and he said no problem — we just have to download and install Adware Medic, which he promptly did. The adware fungus was erased and out of my Macbook Air ten minutes later. Thank you very much, Apple tech support, for keeping mum about Adware Medic despite my repeated pleas.