Remember the days when vampire movies didn’t need super powers and the ability to fly in order to compete with other CG thrillers? I do. Their peculiarities aside, vampires used to be shlep around and suck blood somewhat normally. No longer. When did they become flying bullets? Was it with Len Wiseman‘s Underworld? Before? If vampires can stop cars from slamming into people, does this mean they can also stop falling jumbo jets from slamming into baseball stadiums? Can they now theoretically lift ocean liners out of the water and hurl them into space orbit?

Thriller- and monster-movie producers these days don’t respect anything. Accepting boundaries or a semblance of within-the-genre genre credibility be damned! The term for such behavior is “professionally sociopathic.” All they want to do is put enough cool stuff in their films so kids won’t say “the other film was cooler.” Directors are just as guilty (i.e., willing). Twilight will make money, but this is malevolent thinking all the same.