In its second weekend, Paramount and Marvel’s Iron Man has again taken the #1 position. With my California number-guys currently experiencing REM sleep, Fantasy MogulsSteve Mason is reporting earnings of $14.7 million yesterday with an expected $49 million by Sunday night and 10-day earnings total of roughly or close to $175 million.
Poor Speed Racer, forecast for weeks as a likely disappointment, apparently took in only $6.5 million yesterday and will hit about $23 million by Sunday nigh. This ranks below even Thursday’s downgraded projection (based on tracking figures of 90, 29 and 16) of $25 to $30 million. “Normally” I wrote, “a 16 first choice means $15 to $20 million, depending on the demographic, but the family-trade current will kick this one up.” Not enough!
Mason, clearly affected emotionally, adds that Speed Racer “may be a disappointment domestically, but it will play very well internationally. The movie’s anime origin and the presence of Asian pop star Rain will almost certainly make it among the top grossing films of the year in key markets like Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China.” And the people who made it are loved by their wives, children, mothers and coworkers.
What Happens in Vegas (Fox) will come in third, having made a little over $6 million yesterday with $17.3 million projected for the weekend. Made of Honor is fourth with an expected $7.83 million for its 2nd weekend, and Baby Mama (Universal) will be fifth with a likely $5.84 million by Sunday night, pushing past a $40 million cume.
David Mamet‘s Redbelt (Sony Classics) will eanr less than $1 million despite being on 1,300 screens.