Mike Bloomberg has entered the Democratic presidential nomination because he sees an opening. The top four candidates have serious weaknesses. No major consensus candidate is riding the crest of the wave. Younger voters don’t relate to Droolin’ Joe, African Americans are refusing to support Pete Buttigieg, the far-left agendas of Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are scaring Midwestern battleground voters.

And so Bloomberg, who would certainly be a saner, restorative, more progressive president than Donald Trump and whom I’d vote for in a New York minute if he was the Trump-opposing candidate, is looking to buy his way in at this late date.

From “Peak billionaire: a billionaire tries to purchase a party nomination to outflank anti-billionaires so he can run against another billionaire,” posted by Boingboing’s Cory Doctorow on Sunday, 11.24.19 at 7:27 am:

“The plutocrats — Time‘s Anand Giridharadas calls them ‘plutes’ — spent 40 years telling us that anything that doesn’t embrace the above is ‘socialism,’ with the inevitable and totally foreseeable outcome that Americans now embrace socialism at rates not seen since the New Deal.

“As Giridharadas writes: “History is the story of conditions that long seem reasonable until they begin to seem ridiculous.”

“So now the plutes are panicking: the Business Roundtable is promising a new form of capitalism (but refusing to even consider kicking out or even censuring members who violate that promise). Michael Bloomberg is buying his way into the Democratic race because he’s worried that the frontrunners ‘aren’t plutophilic enough,’ leading to peak plute: ‘A billionaire deciding to possibly attempt to purchase a party nomination because of his fear that some candidates in the race aren’t plutophilic enough, and then running against a maybe–billionaire who promised that being a billionaire would make him specially incorruptible and now is in impeachment proceedings over his alleged corruption.”