I understand the trite thinking about Pete Buttigieg and Michael Bloomberg being height-challenged as far as Presidency is concerned. Pete is presumed to be 5’8″ — Bloomberg has claimed the same but is suspected to be closer to 5’7″ or even 5’6″. American voters haven’t elected a president shorter than six feet since Jimmy Carter (who was between 5’9 and 5’10”) in 1976.

Obviously either candidate would look small on a debate stage with the 6’2″ Donald Trump. (The 6’3″ claim is bullshit.) But you also need to compare Trump’s repugnant obesity to the fact that Pete has a 24-Hour Fitness physique with washboard abs.

Typical voter: “Big and obese with dyed blonde viking hair and an orange tan vs. mid-sized and in great shape with a Richard Nixon five o’clock shadow, especially above the lip. I feel better about bloated and grotesque, frankly, because everyone I know has bulldog jowls along with a sizable belly overhang. When you go outside the cities we’re a nation of sea lions…be honest. I don’t trust trim physiques. They seem un-American on some level.”

Buttigieg on Bernie mantra: “We’re also facing the most divisive president in modern times. Which is why I’m equally concerned with a message [from Bernie bruhs] that says if you’re not for a revolution then you must be for the status quo. I think that equation leaves most people out.”

On Bernie attack about Buttigieg being supported by “40 billionaires”: “My campaign is where it is today because hundreds of thousands of individual donors…two-million-plus contributions that have averaged around $40 bucks. [On the other hand] I’m not a fan of the current [campaign] finance system, but Trump’s allies recently raised $25 million in one day. I’m insisting that we go into this fight with all the support we can get.”