It would be a positive thing, I feel, if this country could somehow adopt the Bernie Sanders program by gradually shifting into a kind of Denmark- or Finland-styled socialism — i.e, a benevolent system in which corporations and the obscenely rich would be taxed at higher, Dwight D. Eisenhower-level rates while at the same time providing social services that Americans deeply need (Medicare for all, free or inexpensive college, forgiving much of the college debt) in exchange for higher taxes.

This will never happen, of course, because Bernie is not running for King. If he’s somehow elected President he might be able to nudge things leftward, slightly, but that’s all. But he can’t win, of course. Bernie capturing the Democratic nomination will be a catastrophe, and The Beast will have four more years.

Sanders is not a “socialist” — he’s a left-leaning social Democrat, which shouldn’t scare anyone. The night before last Chris Matthews mentioned Castro-styled leftist firing squads in Central Park, which was funny but in a strange way brave. Because at least he was admitting to an old-shoe prejudice that is undeniably rooted in historical precedent — successful hard-left 20th Century revolutions did result in executions in Russia (Bolshevilks vs. “white’ Russians), China, Cuba and Cambodia (Khmer Rouge).

And hinterland Trumpsters are weeds in the garden — an angry, malicious and destructive social cancer. Any thinking person who doesn’t admit that the country would be a much better place if they were to suddenly disappear is simply being dishonest.