If you want to know how it feels when your brain begins to grow a large painful tumor, you need to listen to Erik Anderson’s introduction to his chat with N.Y. Times “Carpetbagger” Kyle Buchanan on a 10.25 Awards Watch podcast.

I’m referring to Anderson twice mentioning A Quiet Place‘s Emily Blunt as a possibly credible contender for a Best Supporting Actress nomination. Or for a Best Actress nom — one of the two.

He almost speaks of her award-season contention as if it’s a fait accompli. Anderson does this from time to time, talking about performances that are percolating in the conversation. Not because they’re actually doing that, but because they’re percolating in his head.

A quick glance at the latest Gold Derby consensus on the likeliest Best Supporting Actress contenders tells you right away that Blunt is not happening. As in “Forget it, Erik — take the needle out of your arm.”

The leading supporting actress contenders are Regina King, Amy Adams, Linda Cardellini, Marina de Tavira, Emma Stone, Mary Queen of ScotsMargot Robbie and First Man‘s Claire Foy. That’s seven and that’s all.

Blunt doesn’t have a shot in the Best Actress realm either.

Postscript: This has nothing do with anything, but you can also forget Natalie Portman in Vox Lux. I haven’t even seen it, and I know you can forget it.