London reader Pavan Shamdasani is claiming that The Bourne Supremacy: Extended Edition, a Region 2-only release, isn’t extended at all and is “the exact same cut of the previous version,” according to his own calculations. He knows this, he says, because he compared the “Extended Edition” with the previous Region 2 version.
“I find this to be completely unethical on the part of Universal,” Shamdasani writes. “It seems to echo what they did with their release of The Bourne Identity: Explosive Extended Edition, except this time its far worse. Not only did they release a second edition of a DVD a few weeks before its sequel is released in cinemas, they slapped on the words “Extended Edition” so that every fan of the film runs out to buy it, when there is not one extension in the slightest.
“I attempted to contact Universal UK about this, sending them a very impassioned letter but have heard no reply in the past couple of days so I figured I’d spread the news to the fans. The average buyer won’t put in the time and effort to compare the two versions, accepting that there are extensions even if they can’t see them. Here’s a link to the Bourne DVD Amazon page where a couple of reviewers (myself included) have already caught on.”