There’s a remastered, double-disc, bells-and- whistles Bonnie and Clyde DVD coming from Warner Home Video on 3.25 for $39.92. A remastered presentation from the original elements (I never thought the previous DVD looked in any way degraded), a History Channel doc called “Love and Death: The Story of Bonnie and Clyde,” a 3-part Making of Bonnie and Clyde doc, Warren Beatty wardrobe tests, two deleted scenes (The Road to Mineloa and Outlaws), trailers, a 36-page hardcover book of behind-the-scenes photos, and a 24-page reproduction of the original 1967 press book.

The absolute best Bonnie and Clyde website (“best” meaning the one with the most sources, the most detailed histories as well as the most explicit gory photos of the bodies of Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker after the ambush massacre on that country road in Louisiana) is Frank R. Ballinger‘s Bonnie and Clyde’s Texas Hideout. My favorite quote is an eyewitness to the final shooting saying that Bonnie Parker “screamed like a panther” as the bullets tore into her. (Panthers don’t scream — they yowwwwl.) The site has been running since ’97.