David Gordon Green and Jake Gyllenhaal‘s Stronger, a Boston bombing drama about a guy who lost his legs in the Boylston Street blast but put himself back together, won’t be a 2016 award-season contender. I knew it wouldn’t shoot until the early spring, but a chat with Gyllenhaal about this project a few months ago indicated there was an interest on the part of Lionsgate, the distributor, in releasing it before year’s end. Now a Jeff Sneider Wrap piece reports that it’ll most likely be a 2017 film. But another Lionsgate-distributed Boston bombing drama is stepping into the breach. Sneider is reporting that Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg‘s Patriot’s Day, a crime-and-capture drama about cops tracking down the Boston bombers (Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev), will open on 12.21.16 before going wide in early ’17. But you want to be a little careful here. Berg and Wahlberg, who teamed on Lone Survivor, are invested in the mythology of plain-spoken, unpretentious working-class guys standing up and fighting the enemy and doing the right thing, etc. I’m sensing a certain formulaic inclination but let’s see what happens. If the Berg-Wahlberg project focuses on the Tsarnev brothers as much as the good-guy cops, maybe.