Box-office commentator Paul Dergarabedian sums it all up in a much darker way than he (probably) realized in Sharon Waxman’s New York Times story that ran yesterday (5.9). It’s about Hollywood suits biting their nails and furrowing their brows over ’05’s sluggish business so far, and more particularly the underwhelming response to last weekend’s openers, Kingdom of Heaven and House of Wax. “The marketplace is obviously in a malaise, and it’s going to take movies like Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith to get us out of it,” Dergarabedian said. He means it’ll be a huge hit, of course, but good God…if there’s one thing Sith doesn’t accomplish, it’s make anyone feel like they’ve been lifted out of a malaise. This is the aridity of Hollywood in a nutshell — a film that everyone will go to but not that many will truly enjoy being described as some kind of restoration trip that will set things right.