In his review of Monster-in-Law in last Friday’s Hollywood Reporter, Kirk Honeycutt called it “a deeply dispiriting movie, not just because it is grindingly bad but because Jane Fonda actually chose this for her comeback after a 15-year absence from the screen.” Correction: Fonda didn’t exactly select Monster-in-Law as the very best comeback vehicle she could find. She decided to do it as a fallback thing after (a) she auditioned for but didn’t get the Cloris Leachman alcoholic-mother role in Spanglish (director James L. Brooks felt she wasn’t quite right), and (b) after she blew off a chance to play Orlando Bloom’s mother in Cameron Crowe’s Elizabethtown because she didn’t think the role was big or fully-written enough. I reported this in some detail in my 12.28.04 column. (It’s the third story from the top.)