I’ve just bought the very last Amazon copy of a DVD containing a 1.33:1 aspect ratio version of The Sting. Which I’ve never seen in my life. Every time I’ve watched this 1973 George Roy Hill classic it’s always been cropped to 1.85. As the film takes place in 1934 or thereabouts, a boxy aspect ratio (standard Academy ratio back then) is a perfect complement. Acres and acres of extra visual information (tops and bottoms)…I’ve already got the chills. The DVD in question was released in 2010.

Young Frankenstein, which also apes the mood and ambience of the early to mid ’30s, would have been another perfect boxy, especially in high-def. I’m not expecting to see any overhead boom mikes dropping into the frame — that’s a phony disinformation meme circulated by 1.85 fascists.

Note: Comparison shots stolen from DVD Beaver.