Episode #1 of “Tabloid Wars“, the six-part series focusing on the uphill, day-to-day hump that various N.Y. Daily News staffers experienced last summer, preemed on Bravo last Monday evening and will be repeating all this week. (There’s an airing today at 6 pm eastern.)
N.Y. Times critic Allesandra Stanley says the series is “not really about the circulation battle between New York’s two famously competitive tabloids” — Bravo’s home-team paper and the New York Post . The latter “is barely seen” in the series, she says, and its name “is invoked with smoldering hatred, like Osama bin Laden or Moby-Dick.” Instead, the series “follows reporters and city editors as they scramble to cover hate crimes, cop shootings and celebrity scandals.”
I’m especially interested in the episodes that focus on gossip columnist pals George Rush and Joanna Molloy, who were good enough to give my son Jett an intern gig last summer. George tells me that episodes featuring himself, Joanna and Rush & Molloy contributors Jo Piazza and Chris Rovzar are #1 and #5. (The Bravo guys shot footage of Jett so maybe there’ll be a glimpse.)