I’ve been reading about Doug Liman‘s currently-lensing Jumper, a $100 million-budgeted supernatural thriller based on the Steven Gould novel about a 17 year-old (played by 20 year-old Vanity Fair and Being Julia costar Tom Sturridge) with emotional problems who discovers he can teleport from one place to another, and how he uses this gift to sleuth around for the guy who killed his mother, blah, blah. Another variation on Spider-Man (young superhero with hang-ups) and Batman (murdered parent naturally calling out for exposure and revenge). I should mention there are reports that Sturridge has been whacked and that Liman is replacing him with (God forbid) human death-star Hayden Christensen or costar Jamie Bell. This Moviehole Comic-Con item, based on a chat with Jumper costar Samuel L. Jackson, says “Christensen might be joining [Jackson]” on Liman’s film. There’s are two IMDB postings stating flat-out that Sturridge has been fired. The plan is allegedly (emphasis on that word) to do re-shoots in November with whomever the new star is, if in fact Sturridge is history. I think I’m supposed to care about this and make calls to New Regency right about now. That’s the expected thing, I mean.