Another story confirming that Vaughniston is still happening …bummer. On the other hand I rented The Breakup last night and discovered to my surprise that it plays just as spritzy the second time (since seeing it last May), and maybe even better than that.

In my initial review I said “there are no laughs after the first third of The Break-up, and there’s no bouncy comic energy or pacing in any of it…but it’s not intended to deliver this stuff. It’s a decently made, reasonably mature, well-acted relation- ship drama with humorous punctuation from time to time (i.e., mostly in the early portions).”
I still didn’t “laugh” when I saw the DVD last night, but it was consistently amusing (again), well acted and never dull. Here’s a less funny recording of the first big argu- ment scene, and here’s the first post-breakup argument, which is actually funny here and there.