An amusing, well-written, for-some-reason very believable (as far as this stuff goes) AICN review of The Break-Up from “Masswyrm”. I believe it because the guy knows how to write, because he has a straight-arrow tone of voice, and because he says he’s married (and sounds married). The Break-Up tracking may be upticking (I’m now hearing opening weekend may hit the high 20s) but between this guy’s review and Brian Lowry‘s in Variety, this film looks effin’ doomed with the just-make-me-laugh crowd. And maybe, just maybe something that maladjusted hombres like myself might find a way to get into. I love these two portions: (a) “I just can’t get over the fact that this film is being released in the summer. It’s not a summer film. This is a fall release, something for the cinephiles to wash the taste of summer blockbusters from their palate. Closer in tone to The Good Girl, War of the Roses and the last half of Chasing Amy, this film is anything but heart-warming” and (b) “First, the good news. The Break-Up is a fantastic film of wonderful clarity, depth, insight and honest to god character driven comedy. The bad news? You’re probably gonna hate it. No, seriously. A lot of people are gonna hate the living shit out of this movie.” The more I hear stuff like this, the more I start to think I might enjoy it, or at least admire it. Maybe.