Brian Cook‘s Colour Me Kubrick, a perverse comedy about Alan Conway (John Malkovich), a real-life fraud who successfully passed himself off as the reclusive Stanley Kubrick in various London haunts in the early to mid ’90s, is finally showing its face at the Tribeca Film Festival (4.25 thru 5.7). I’ve been trying to get a look at this film since late ’04, at least. I’m under the impression it was filmed sometime in the 21st Century but I can’t absolutely confirm this. Cook was Kubrick’s first assistant director on The Shining and Eyes Wide Shut, and the pic’s screenwriter Anthony Frewin worked as a personal assistant to Kubrick. A non-linked account on a site called Film Rot provides the following from a guy who says he acted in it: “Conway was like a conman. He lived on a diet of pills and alcohol and his accounts were all flat. He was always manipulating the system. He’d go up to one person or another — he’d meet people in bars, etc. — and he’d say, ‘You know, I think you’re wonderful. I’d like for you to be in my movie. I’ll pay you millions of pounds.’ And people would fall for this and he’d take privileges off of them and spend their money. He conned one person after the next after the next. And John Malkovich plays this character. I play one of the victims. So I got to do all of my scenes were with Malkovich.” Here’s the French Europa Corp. site with various-sized trailers.