Update: Despite Dinner for Schmucks having edged out Inception on Friday, the final weekend figures have Chris Nolan ‘s dreamstate epic taking the weekend crown. Inception‘s three-day tally is expected to be $27.1 million, a drop of 37% from last weekend, for a cume of $192.9 million. The second-place Schmucks will end up with $23 million. Salt, down 47% from last weekend, is third with $19,250,000.

Earlier: A little voice was telling me on Friday morning that Dinner for Schmucks might nudge ahead of Inception and take the weekend crown. It did manage this on Friday, earning $8,400,000 to Inception‘s $8,150,000, but final weekend projections have yet to emerge. (It’s 10:25 am Sunday morning and box-office reporting sites still haven’t coughed up Saturday figures.)

Carl DiOrio‘s Hollywood Reporter “Box Office Tally” forecast guessed that Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore would “do just well enough” to be #1. In actually it appears likely to end up in fifth place with $12.5 million.