Make no mistake — President Trump is just as responsible for last weekend’s synagogue massacre in Pittsburgh as if he pulled the trigger himself. He might have similarly licked the stamps for Cesar Sayoc as he prepared his manila MAGAbomb envelopes for the post office. Six days ago Trump more or less goaded Gregory Bush to try and shoot up a predominantly black Louisville church — when Bush couldn’t get in he shot and killed two African Americans at a supermarket.

There’s simply no way to credibly deny that Trump isn’t the orchestrator, ringleader and rank spiritual father of all this hate and horror. And I guess given this state of affairs, I’m a little disappointed that only a thousand people gathered this afternoon near the Tree of Life synagogue as Donald, Melania, Ivanka and Jared visited the synagogue to pay their respects and blah blah. Seems like an insufficient response to an obviously odious political charade.