What kind of a raging butt-plugged Mussolini do you have to be to type “[Blogger X]” to avoid posting my name? MCN’s David Poland did this in the process of re-posting a short 4.20 Glenn Kenny/Some Came Running riff about a Times Square Starbucks installing wall outlet covers to keep people like me from sitting at their tables for hours on end.

I admire Poland for many things (particularly his take-no-shit responses to Nikki Finke), but every now and then he just floors you with his Zampano-like obstinacy.

I’m assuming, by the way, that Kenny’s experience describes the policy of just that one Starbucks he happened to be in. Because…whatever, the place has exceptionally high traffic and the manager is an asshole. It would be nothing less than a national five-alarm-bell tragedy if all Starbucks outlets were to install wall-outlet blockers. If there’s one thing you can count on at Starbucks cafes it’s the presence of at least two wall outlets. You can always plug in sooner or later, and that’s a truly wonderful and deeply appreciated thing.