The TCM Classic Film Festival (Thursday, 5.6 through Sunday, 5.9) is virtual this year. That means no waiting in lines outside the Hollywood Blvd. Chinese with pot-bellied, out-of-towner galumphs dressed in shorts, plaid shirts and sandals with brown socks.

Significant portions will be viewable on HBO Max, but the only film I’m hot to see — a 4K restoration of the full-length They Won’t Believe Me (’47) — is hiding somewhere in the schedule. It’s slated to be shown on Saturday, 5.8… somewhere, somehow.

Do I need to pay to see this glossy old-time noir with Robert bad-to-the-bone Young in the lead role? Fine…show me how. Just don’t play any games. I hate that.

Irving Pichel‘s noir is about a ne’er-do-well rake and gold-digger (Young) and his disloyal hound-dogging in the company of Jane Greer, Rita Johnson and Susan Hayward. A truncated 80-minute version was shown upon a re-release, but TCM is showing the 95-minute version.