What Doesn’t Kill You director-writer Brian Goodman invited me to a post-screening soiree last night at Almond, a noisy, reasonably priced restaurant on West 22nd near Broadway. By the time everyone arrived around 9:45 or so the news had broken about Bob Yari , the producer-distributor of Goodman’s film, having gone into Chapter 11.

This is bad news for WDKY, which is only just starting to be seen and talked about, and for Rod Lurie‘s Nothing But The Truth , a Yari movie that’s also been caught with its pants down. It would be one thing if they both blew chunks, but they’re well-written, high-calibre tweeners with award-quality performances. Tough deal.

I broke the news to Goodman when he came in, showed him the story on my iPhone. It kind of took the energy down until WDKY star Ethan Hawke showed up and then it was a “hey!” environment again. Hawke and Goodman and three or four others were playing pool on a fair-sized table with a brown-felt top. Goodman, it should be noted, is a very accomplished player. Not Eddie Felson level, but he made 70% or 80% of his shots.