The American public will hand over roughly $31,524,000 to the makers of The Day The Earth Stood Still this weekend. The second place Four Christmases will make $12,234,000 for a cume of $86,900,000.

The third-place Twilight will take in $7,334,000 — $149,129,000 as of Sunday night.

And the fourth-place Bolt will take in $6,946,000

Nothing Like the Holidays, the Hispanic holiday comedy, bombed with a projected total of $4,035,000 and $2400 a theatre. Baz Luhrman‘s Australia will earn $3,865,000 — now to about $37 million domestic. Madagascar will follow with $2,879,000.

The only limited opener that looks like it has legs is Clint Eastwood‘s Gran Torino, which will take in $268,000 at six situations and about $44,000 per theatre. The best limited starter is Doubt — opened in 15 runs, 32,000 per screen, $492,000 by Sunday night. That’s actually fairly decent.

Gus Van Sant‘s Milk will do just fair after expanding to 330 runs — it’s projected to earn $2,539,000 and $7700 a print. Issue-driven political drama, gay-themed story, etc. I lost the figure for Quantum of Solace but I know it’s expected to come in slightly under the Milk figure.

Slumdog Millionaire expanded to 169 runs, having dded 91 theatres — it’s projected to take in $2,067,000 and $12,000 a print. Okay, not sensational. Frost/Nixon went from 3 runs to 30 runs, $15,000 a print, $605,000 for the weekend — okay, not wonderful. Doubt opened in 15 runs, 32,000 per screen, $492,000 by Sunday night.

The animated Delgo is projected to earn $400,000 — 2300 theatres,.$185 per theatre.

The Reader is playing in 8 situations and is projected to earn $165,000 or about $28,000 a print.