“It’s also about what you don’t have to worry about.”

“Socialism As A Supplement To Capitalism? Good. Kind of like how gin and tonic are terrible by themselves, but mixed together…delightful.”

Maher to Buttigieg #1: “Millennials are generally fragile. I’m talking about people who need cry rooms. And trigger warnings. And safe spaces. Harvard had an issue a couple of weeks ago…Ronald Sullivan? He’s a brilliant professor, he’s a dean there, African American. [And] who is defending Harvey Weinstein. And there was a big protest.”

Maher to Buttigieg #2: “You’ve said that the left should reclaim faith. That’s curious to me. You’re such an intellectual guy. I’ve always defined faith as the purposeful suspension of critical thinking. And you’re a brilliant critical thinker. How do you align that?”