A Connecticut lady once told me a story once about judging a guy’s character. She’d just met this fellow on a train in Europe somewhere (Switzerland, I think) and at the end of a day, having become friendly, they decided to share a hotel room. There was a bit of a romantic vibe between them but she didn’t want to go there right away. At the same time she wasn’t sure how things would unfold once they were in the room. She started to wonder if she’d done the smart thing by sharing with this dude.

Anyway, it got really late and was time for dousing the lights and turning in. Would the guy try anything? The lady wasn’t sure. Then the guy went into the bathroom and closed the door and turned on the sink faucet before using the toilet. As soon as the lady heard the water running, she relaxed. Any guy who would try to aurally camouflage the sound of his urinating, she decided, could be controlled and wouldn’t be a problem. That’s what she told me. A word to the wise.