This is the second teaser for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (Disney, 5.26), and they’re still being coy about showing Johnny Depp‘s appearance as Captain Jack Sparrow. They’ve waited until the last second to show him all caked with mud — obviously a sign of hesitation. It’s not as if Depp is some kind of exotic presence, but then again, the trailer implies, maybe he is as far as tradition is concerned.

As we all know over the last three of four years Depp has expanded into what could cruelly be described as Captain Fatass. Perhaps the CG slim-down software they’ll undoubtedly be using to make Depp appear like he did in the previous four Pirates of the Caribbean films (the first of which, Curse of the Black Pearl, opened 13 and 3/4 years ago) hasn’t been fully completed and refined yet.

Incidentally: The shot of the ghouls running across the surface of the sea isn’t bad.