The guy from “Fox TV” who’s been hired to fill Russell Schwartz‘s marketing president position at New Line is Chris Carlisle, executive vp of marketing for Fox Broadcasting since June ’04. Carlisle was with FX from ’99 to ’04, and was credited with launching shows such as Rescue Me, The Shield and Nip/Tuck.

Chris Carlisle (l.), Russell Schwartz (second from r.), Shoot ‘Em Up‘s Clive Owen (r.)

We all know from Animal Planet docs that when a new lion takes over the pride, cubs that have been sired by the old lion (i.e., the one that he’s defeated and sent packing) are sometimes killed. Do just-hired marketing execs take the same approach to movies that have had their ad campaigns shaped by the older guy on the way out? The truly bold and innovative marketing exec doesn’t think like a lion on the Serengeti, but like a poet-warrior…like Alexander the Great Let’s just hope that Shoot “Em Up doesn’t suffer from this turnover.