Rush Hour 3 (which I saw this evening…don’t ask) is tracking at 91, 49 and 18. It’ll do $40 to $50 million this weekend (not so bad) but New Line spent a fortune to make it, they’re pissed at Ratner for going over-budget, they paid loads of money to Rats, Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker because nobody wanted to do it, and they all have huge back end deals.
Daddy Day Camp (Cuba Gooding revoltathon) is tracking at 82,16 and 2. Skinwalkers, the werewofl movie, is 26, 28 and 2. Stardust…61, 27 and 5. In short, no real competition for Rush Hour 3 among the newbies.
The Invasion (8.17) is tracking 52, 22 and…toilet time. The Last Legion is 21, 18 and nothing. Superbad is still struggling with 45, 28 and 3….definite interest has gone up only 1 point. Mr. Bean’s Holiday is running at 46, 17 and 1 Rod Lurie‘s Resurrecting the Champ is at 27, 18 and nothing. September Dawn is 16, 14 and 0. The War….35, 35 and 2.