Name me one other hotshot critic-columnist in this country or even on this continent who’s paid $26 and change to re-experience a film that he knows is unexceptional and even mediocre in terms of story, dialogue and acting…name me one other person in my realm who’s shelled out to see a second-rate action film just to savor the 4K 60 fps HFR + 3D. I’ll bet money nobody else has done this. Because nobody does hardcore tech like Hollywood Elsewhere.

Gemini Man director Ang Lee to Indiewire: “They are trying to make digital look like film. It’s a different media with different perception, different requirements. Digital doesn’t want to be film, it wants to be something else. I think we need to get passed that and discover what it is.”

“There is no bad media — there are only bad artists.”

“Film got so good because for over a hundred years, genius after genius, craftsman after craftsman, years of audience feedback, it got really sophisticated,” said Lee. “I just believe there is a very different beauty, a dreamlike-ness in digital. I’m trying to find it.”

Seasoned critic friend: “I saw the 120 fps 3D Gemini Man, and like all 3D films I’ve ever seen when a face was in close-up everything behind it was blown out of focus. Then again it was not murky like other 3D films I’ve seen. And the action scenes were fun. But wearing those glasses sucks, especially over my glasses.

“Does Ang Lee have any idea how bad film projection is outside of New York and L.A.?”