The British-based Eureka Entertainment already has my order for their upcoming Red River Bluray (streeting on 10.28, arriving in early November) so I can’t do anything about it, but I’m faintly pissed by the screen captures in Dr. Svet Atanasov‘s 10.18 review. Every shot appears to be swarming with grainstorm mosquitoes. Which means that the Bluray doesn’t deliver a decent Blu-ray “bump”, or the effect described in my 10.12 review of Sony’s From Here To Eternity Bluray. Atanasov’s words strongly suggest there’s nothing transformative or intoxicating in this new Red River. He’s actually pleased that “there are no traces of problematic degraining corrections” and that “sharpening adjustments have not been performed.” Let’s try this again. I want something better than the last DVD, and if that means a Bluray with “problematic degraining” then please fucking give me that.