Yesterday I read the Wikipedia biography of the utterly loathsome Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Now there‘s a fall-of-the-Roman-empire anecdote if I ever saw one — spending a portion of your work day reading about a right-wing co-host of The View! There’s something wrong with a world that seriously considers (and I’m obviously including myself in this equation) the knee-jerk political sentiments of a former Survivor contestant because she happens to be a moderately hot-looking blonde with great legs.

The profile, in any event, quotes Hasselbeck as saying she’s “neither a conservative nor a liberal…her parents had an independent political stance, never telling their children for whom they voted…she has stated that the term ‘conservative’ does not define her as a person.” Translation: many if not most right-wingers in the entertainment industry call themselves “independent” because it’s good for business — simple. I personally know a Beverly Hills-residing fascist-Christian-conservative blonde with a curvy bod who claimed last fall that Barack Obama was in league with Muslim terrorists, and she always insists she’s “not right-wing!”