Miguel Arteta‘s Youth in Revolt (10.30 following a Toronto Film Festival debut) appears to be an above-average, early 20s, angsty sex-and-relationship comedy. Odd that it’s a Dimension release, which signifies primitive and coarse. The YIR trailer is selling a smart upscale thing with clever concepts, wit and half-decent laughs and a role for one-trick-pony Michael Cera that smacks of tension and challenge and complexity, partly by way of a moustachioed alter ego named — yes, a dumb name — Francois Dillinger.

The implication I’m getting is that Cera (whose lead character is named Nick Twisp) may have stopped his free-fall with this film, which could turn out to be the best thing he’s been in since Superbad. Maybe. A trailer is only a trailer. Better to wait and see.

Arteta’s film, which costars Portia Doubleday (i.e., Sheeni, the lust interest), Justin Long, the obviously destined-for-Jabbahood Zack Galifianakis, Steve Buscemi, Ray Liotta, Ari Graynor and Jean Smart, is, of course, an adaptation of C.D. Payne‘s “Youth In Revolt,” an epistolary novel that has had three sequels since the original publishing in the mid ’90s.