Banging out five or six stories daily requires following through on instincts. You have to throw caution to the wind, dive into the pool and see where it goes. Patti Smith would do this between songs during sets, starting with nothing more than a wisp of a thought and then building it into something cool or revelatory on some level. Well, the Patti Smith muse failed me yesterday when I decided to swan dive into Walton Goggins. I’ve never enjoyed the company of yokel characters in films or have always frowned upon yokel-sounding names, and I just went with a feeling. I was told I would be kicked around for doing so, and I was. I’ve read a version of The Hateful Eight and seen it performed on stage so I know what Goggins’ role is, but I’ve never watched him in The Shield or Justified. No matter how you slice it, ignorance is never something to broadcast. I sounded like Dumbshit McCrackledoodle, and for this I apologize.