Prior to today’s 11:30 Changeling screening at the Salle de Soixentieme. It’s an Eastwood film, all right. Longish and leisurely (but not slovenly) paced. Delivers a keen sense of humanity and moral clarity. Offers a complex but rewarding story. Really nice music, as usual, that lends a feeling of warmth and assurance. Superbly acted, shot, and paced (not every movie has to feel like a machine gun). More than a few top-notch performances. Some overly black or white-ish characterizations, but not to the extent that they bug you horribly. A movie that understands itself and its subject matter completely. Aimed at adults (i.e., those 25 and over with the ability/willingness to process this sort of thing). Not a great film, but a very fine one. Terrible last line, though.