Wokesters are not letting the Dave Chappelle-Ted SarandosCloser thing go. They’re all piling on, the whole Film Twitter mob. All trying to get Netflix to pull The Closer and censor Chappelle, etc. Truly odious bastards. It’s so disgusting that this is the modern-day left. This is why I self-identify as a sensible left-center contrarian.

Then again a whole lot of people are watching the show, I’m presuming.

HE to Sarandos: You are the good guy, the freedom guy, the truth guy, the integrity guy…you are doing the right thing, and God adores you for it. Can anyone imagine Dave Chappelle calling for Hannah Gadsby to be flogged or excommunicated? The Closer cuts right through the woke smoke. It doesn’t deliver final, ultimate truth, but it’s honest, perceptive, fair and straight-up. And it’s certainly Chappelle’s truth. And you’re right to defend it, Ted. In the twinkling of an eye, you’ve become a man among men.

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