The making and promotion of Che, says director Steven Soderbergh, “made me consider the issue of whether movies matter or not anymore…at all. I think there was a period when they did matter, culturally. I don’t think they do anymore. So that added to this sense of ‘what was the point’ of eight years of work when movies have become so…disposable, and don’t seem to be…there aren’t many opportunities for them to be taken seriously the way they were in the late 60’s and 70’s here in the United States.”

“I guess the point of some art is to illuminate. I guess. I just don’t see any evidence that [this is] happening [now]. Or, you know, it happens for ten minutes and then, you know…everybody’s thinking about where they wanna go eat.” — from the making-of documentary on the forthcoming Che Bluray, which has been reviewed by HE’s Moises Chiullan (i.e., Arthouse Cowboy), in a piece called “Patience Rewarded.” The Che Bluray is out on 1.19.10.