The Old Place, which I’ve now visited three times counting last night, is located in the little hamlet of Cornell, tucked away in the hills above Malibu. Sadly, the wrong kind of people (low-rent zombie developers without a smidgen of taste or class…people who just don’t “get it”) have built homes there. This used to be a ’60s and 70s time-capsule community (you can faintly sense the hovering presence of the ghosts of Sam Peckinpah, Steve McQueen and Jason Robards) but the old funky flavor is fading fast.

I don’t know why but the little yellow Cinema Piccolo van (i.e., “the world’s smallest cinema“), which was seen around Los Angeles in February and March, was looking lonely and abandoned last night in front of The Old Place.

Today was/is one of the most sunny and beautiful sky-blue Los Angeles days in a long time.