A Daily Beast article by Paul Alexander claims that while Barack Obama is sending out signals that things are going well and that success looms, the behind the scenes mentality is fraught with concern about voter suppression as well as the Bradley Effect.

“The Obama leadership believes there is a systematic campaign,” a source tells Alexander, “by the White House and the Justice Department to suppress voter turnout across the country.” Hence, Obama-Biden campaign chiefs are “amassing lawyers and gearing up to counter dirty tactics on election day.

Team Obama has “one of the largest legal teams ever assembled by a presidential campaign,” Alexander writes. “The main goal of the legal team, almost all of them volunteers, is to guarantee ballot security.

“‘The Obama campaign has learned the lessons of 2000 and 2004,’ a source claims. ‘On Election Day, lawyers will be everywhere — all the way down to the county level.’

“In Texas and other states, Obama officials are [also] preparing for the possibility that polls may be wildly off because of the so-called Bradley effect.

“‘The Obama officials are very cautious,’ says a source. ‘They want comfortable margins in place just in case. They are looking at three to six percentage points as a possible Bradley effect. Before they consider a state comfortable, they want it outside the polling margins. They think the Bradley effect could be as large as six — maybe even seven — percentage points, but they don’t really know.'”